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The Guardian: North America far off from ocean preservation targets, report finds - About SeaStates North America Report

Washington Post: Do we really need a new U.N. oceans treaty? Yes, and here’s why. - Cites verifed data 

The Maritime Executive: Call to Protect 20 Percent of Oceans- Cites verifed data Protecting 30 percent of the ocean has many benefits, study suggests- Cites verifed data 

takepart- The Problem With England's New Marine Parks- Hightlights Beth Pike, Conservation Scientist, and Mike Gravitz, Director of Policy & Legislation, of the Marine Conservation Insititute. 

Unite- Charting the Right Course to Protect Ocean Life - By Lance Morgan, President of the Marine Conservation Insitute. 





SeaStates US 2016 

Dare to be Deep: SeaStates Report on North America's Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) 

SeaStates US 2015 

SeaStates G20 2014 

SeaStates US 2014 

SeaStates US 2013 

The Aspen Institute Energy Environment Program: The Ocean Community Report - Building an Aligned and Supportive Ocean Conservation Community

Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument: The largest ocean legacy on Earth

The Pew Charitable Trusts: Sentinels of the Ocean - The science of the world's penguins

Science Express: Making Waves - The scienceand politics of ocean protection


Ecology and Society: Controversies and consensus on the lionfish invasion in the Western Atlantic Ocean

Carballo- Cardenas, E. C. 2015. Ecology and Society 20(3): 24. Http://

Hamilton Island: The Innovative Cultural Enterprise 

Nick Birch, 2015. Munich, GRIN Verlag. 

One size does not fit all: The emerging frontier in large-sclae marine conservation 

Toonen R.J., Wilhelm A., Maxwell S.M., Wagner D., Bowmen B.W., Sheppard C.R.C., Taei S.M., Teroroko T., Moffitt R., Gaymer C.F., Morgan L., Lewis N., Sheppard A.L.S., Parks J., Friedlander A.M
Marine Pollution Bulletin, Elsevier, 15 Decemeber 2013. 

SeaStates G20 2014: How much of the seas are G20 nations really protecting

Shugart-Schmidt et al., 2015 K. Shugart-Schmidt, E.P. Pike, R.A. Moffitt, V.R. Saccomanno, S.A. Magier, L.E.,Morgan
Ocean. Coast. Manag., 115 (2015)

Recht door zee: Hedendaags internationaal zee- en maritiem recht 

Cliquet A., Maes F (eds)

Review: The Philippine Marine Protected Area (MPA) Database

Cabral et al., 2015 R.B. Cabral, P.M. Alino, A.C.M. Balingit, C.M. Alis, H.O. Arceo, C.L. Nanola Jr., R.C. Geronimp, MSN Partners
Phil.  Sci. Lett. 2014 7(2)

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Digital Journal: The U.S. now has the largest marine reserve in the Pacific  

Huffington Post: How to Protect the Ocean from Us?  

National Geographic Society, Ocean Views: For Marine Reserves, Size Matters

National Wildlife Federation: Newly Expanded Reserve Provides a Haven for Marine Wildlife

Sailors for the Sea: Protecting the Pacific! 

Surfer Magazine: White House Protects the Pacific 


MPAtlas in the News

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The Atlantic:  A Blueprint for Protecting the World’s Oceans 

Environmental Defense Fund:  MPAtlas Provides New Tool to Learn about Marine Protected Areas

Le Parisien: Observe sharks, tourism to biodiversity?

High Seas Alliance: Marine Conservation Institute Tracks Global MPAs

 Via the Marine Conservation Institute - The Great Barrier Reef's No Good, Very Bad Year Will Test How Fast It Can Adapt

Marine Science Today: Everything You Need to Know About Marine Protected Areas

Mission Blue: MPAtlas Launch on World Oceans Day

Mission Blue: Ranking Shows Most Coastal States Failing to Protect Oceans

Mission Blue: Global Ocean Refuge System Launched by Marine Conservation Institute 

National Geographic: Found Treasure Map of the Ocean:

NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center Blog: Sulu-Sulawesi - A seascape in the Heart of the Coral Triangle

One Green Planet: How We're Working to Protect the World's Oceans for Future Generations 

Project Aware: First- Ever National Ranking Shows Most Coastal States Failing to Protect Oceans

Science Daily: Protecting 30 percent of the ocean has many benefits, study suggests - Protecting large stretches of the ocean from human influence may well be good for conservation

Shark Defenders: Shark Conservation Laws

Waitt Foundation: Announcing the Release of


U.S. Department of State Diplomacy in Action: Closing the Next Steps Panel of Our Ocean Conference

"So working together with MCI, the Marine Conservation Institute, we created It tracks around 6,500 marine protected areas around the world right now." - Ted Waitt, Founder and Board Chairman, The Waitt Foundation 


Discovery: Shark Week Sharkopedia

Waitt Institute: The Case for Marine Reserves


OpenChannels: Drawing the Line - Visualizing global MPA distributation using practical protection categories with