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WDPA data available for download at

If you are in need of a subset of MPAtlas data or any custom analysis beyond what is listed here, please contact us at with your request, and we will do what we can to help. We are working on a way to make our analysis and added content available soon.

At, we’ve taken the World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA) data as a starting point and examined certain regions in depth, replacing WDPA records with national or regional databases that are more up-to-date or provide greater detail (e.g., using the NOAA MPA Center inventory for US sites) and performing additional corrections based on original research.

Our data differs from other databases due to the way we require full implementation prior to considering an MPA in our numbers. We consider sites that have been formally designated but currently unimplemented and proposed sites seperately so that our numbers reflect as accurately as possible the actual amount of protection "on the water." We also report on strongly protected marine protected areas as a subset of the total coverage, where at least some of the MPA prohibits extraction of resources through fishing, mining and resource exploration, as we believe the level of marine protection we need globally needs to mitigate direct human impacts as much as possible.

Read more about our data and how we calculate out numbers.

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